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The 6th grade Computer Science class is one quarter long. We will be using Tex-Edit Plus and you will have opportunities to work on your assignments at home.

Students will learn text-based HTML creation. The class will cover topics like website planning, clarity, and user interface. The class is designed to help you explore your interests.

The class will include a website and other related assignments including web awareness and internet safety.


1. Create simple webpages using correct HTML syntax.
2. Place appropriate graphics on their site.
3. Explain their aesthetic choices in the creation of webpages.
4. Explore aspects of internet safety and web awareness.


Daily Assignments: 100%



Below are the files for our lessons # 1-6.  Lesson 7 will be a separate handout.  A site you may wish to use is http://htmledit.squarefree.com/. It is a real-time HTML editor which shows you how the HTML commands work.

There is NO homework in this class.  If you get behind, I will let you know if an assignment will be homework.  The requirements for your website is also listed. 

You will need to read the files carefully to answer the questions and complete the assignments.  Review questions are to be done in complete sentences in Tex-Edit Plus. Save as a text document.

Save your work in the proper folder you created during the first class.  Here are the requirements needed for your assignments:

Lesson 2

  • review questions # 1-5.
  • shopping List HTML document
  • constellations HTML document
Lesson 3
  • review questions # 1-6.
  • debug1.html (rename debug1fixed.html when completed)
  • two paragraphs "About Me" HTML document (formatted with background and font colors minimum)

Lesson 4

  • one HTML document with three different images with a one sentence caption for each image.  Modify height and width of each image. 
  • review questions # 1-7
  • debug2.html (rename debug2fixed.html when completed)
Lesson 5

  • I recommend you leave this lesson for after lesson 7.
  • A site map with three web pages. It must be neat and legible.  It will be done over if messy.
  • Web pages will be storyboarded.
  • You do NOT need to do any review questions this lesson.
  • No review questions
Lesson 6

  • ONE html document with three lists total as follows:
  • One ordered list with at least three items.
  • One unordered list with at least three items.
  • One unordered list with a different type of bullet point with at least three items.
  • For each list, you need an image AND an absolute link.
  • Review question # 1
Lesson 7
  • From the separate handout, three tables done on one HTML document.
  • Product list and prices table.
  • Car table with three images. (if you wish to do a different subject than cars, feel free to do so)
  • Events table with three events. (Table background image and one table row color required.)
  • Around lesson 7 you will be given a test on the material from lessons 1-6.
  • You will write HTML code to create two web pages linked together.
  • Your pages will have formatting, two images, two lists (ordered and unordered), and an absolute link for each list.

Website Requirements and Grading

  • Website must be at least 3 pages.
  • The pages have links between them.
  • The site has at least two absolute links relative to the site.
  • One page is the index, you will need at least two more.
  •  It follows the rules from:

Digital Portfolios

We will also be creating digital portfolios this quarter. You will use your portfolio to showcase your work over your school career and beyond.

We will be following the steps and videos provided by mscomputerteacher.com.

Video 1: Create a google account. Video 2: Create/Set Up Site
Video 3: Change site/page layout Video 4: Insert Text/Images
Video 5: Insert Tables/Lists Video 6: Add Photo Slideshow
Video 7: Insert Video Video 8: Add Announcements
Video 9: Add Pages Video 10: Edit Navigation
Video 11: Embed Google Docs Video 12: Add attachments/links
Video 13: Share Site