Foundation for Algebra e-text, Saxon Math Course 1 Textbook, a coil notebook, pencils,pen.

If a student is absent, he or she is expected to make up any missing assignments. It will be the student's responsibility to arrange with me any make-up tests or quizzes.

After two tardies, a consequence will be given. If detained by another teacher, bring a note including the time you left.


Course Description:

Students will have learning opportunities involving multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. These operations will apply to decimals, fractions, positive and negative integers. They will also be exposed to percents, ratios, variables geometry, exponents, square roots, averages and probability. Students will also be exposed to daily word problems.


Each student will have a coil notebook for Math, in which all notes and homework will be written. Students will have open notebook/homework quizzes, which will assess their note taking effectiveness and their successful understanding of the homework. Students should expect homework most evenings that is expected to be complete. 5 points will be given for prompt completion of homework, one day late will receive 3 points, and a zero for two or more days later.


Homework: 40%
Unit Tests: 60%