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Lego Robotics is one quarter long. Students will have the
opportunity to build and program robots to make them

Students will troubleshoot both the building and programming process.
Robotics will discuss design, innovation, problem solving,
and teamwork at the same time, talking about math,
science, and technology.

Robotics provides excellent teaching examples of the concept of
systems and subsystems.

All robotics activities provide excellent hands-on
exposure to technology in use and


1. Students will develop an understanding of
the characteristics and scope of

2. Students will develop an understanding of
the core concepts of technology.

3. Students will develop and understanding of
the relationships among technologies and
the connections between technology and
other fields of study.


• "Connect" activities feature linkages to
real-world robots that allow students to
connect their designs to real-world
needs and solutions

• Successful robot operation revolves
around the application of systems
concepts to make sensors, actuators,
and other components work together

• Several different technologies (e.g.
desktop computer, USB/Bluetooth
peripheral interface, mobile robotics
controller, electromechanical sensors
and actuators) are routinely used
together in the operation of the NXT
robot system, and all are necessary for
it to work