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Hello, and welcome to the official Cherry on Top Bakery website. Here at Cherry on Top Bakery, are main priority is to make you happy with our delicouce varities of desserts. You may have heard if our most popular at our store, which is our delicous cupcakes, which come in many different sizes and flavors.

Our bakery was first started in 1997 by a lady called Cherry Parks. She started the bakery in the back of a ware house and from there, people discoverd her delicous cupcakes, and she eventually opened store front after store front all across the United States. The buisness had been passed down from genarration to genarration, and now we hope that you can enjoy our desserts with the great enjoyment that Cherry Parks gave when she made her first dessert, and put a cherry on top of it.


This is our original Auntie Cherries Cupcake

This is our Famous red velvet cupcake

This is our chocolate malt cake