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Thid year in 2014, in Okalahoma City, USA. The College World Series ended with Flordia winnimng the game over Atlanta. Starting pitcher Hannah Rodgers and Alabama's starter Jaclyn Traina have known each other and both grew up in Flordia. I guess it was just time for Rodgers to beat Traina at last. Thanks to the Gator's big bats- Castro and Kirsti Merritt UF has taken another World Series trophy home. The Gators swept the series 2-0. They were there to win. In the second game of the series, Gator coach- Tim Walton choose not start start Hannah Rogers but came in to pitch in the 6th when Lauren Haeger and Delanie Gourley had given the Gators the lead. Despite many errors by the UF defense, they came back to win with a 6-3 victory in the second game.

Florida State VS. Arkansas

Sunday, May 4

Tennessee VS. Ole Miss

Friday, May 2

Kentucky Wildcats VS. Gerogia

Sunday, May 4

North Dakota VS. Idaho State

Saturday, May 3