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Bleach, γƒ–γƒͺーチ, is an anime and manga that is popular all around the world. It's mainly about a normal highschool boy who suddenly met a strange girl who changed his life. That girl was a "shinigami", translated into soul reaper; a girl who had already died. This boy, Ichigo, was pulled into the world of the dead and was faced with many adventures as a half human, half soul reaper, and later also part monster. With three friends assisting him on his travels and his friends in "Seireitei", the dead world, he accomplishes a lot while still staying true to himself...and not dying.

Kurosaki Ichigo
Ichigo Bankai

~Ichigo Kurosaki. Designed by "darkskatergirl" on ^

Along with Ichigo Kurosaki are the other soul reapers in the dead world, "Seireitei". Seireitei is divided into two worlds. One of the soldiers or the soul reapers and the other for the normal citizens who died in the normal world and came to live in Seireitei. The soul reapers have the job of protecting both Seireitei and the normal world. Just like your world, there are leaders. This group of leaders are called the Gotei 13. As the name suggests, the leaders are divided into 13 groups, one captain for each group.

Each shinigami has a sword which they believe contains a soul. Their sword, zanpakuto, have a shikai and a bankai, which are special powers that come out once you have enough power and swordsmanship.


< ~Ichigo Kurosaki with his zanpakuto in Bankai mode. Designed by ~AngryDonat on