Home Idol Dream Friends

Hi, my name is Charlie and this is my website. This website is about my life. I am twelve years old and I am in 7th Grade. I go to Woodside Priory in California and love it here. My social life is getting crazy and I love to play sports. My family is big and friendly. Papa(William Wilson III) is my granfather, and he died on May 7, 2013. We all miss him very much. My parent's are divorced and they have gotten remarried. My mom married a guy named Geoff, that has three kids named Bruce, Quincey, and Trey. Quincey and Trey are in college and Bruce is going into highschool. Here is my family tree to help you understand. If you click on some of their names, you can learn more about them.

This is Bella. She is my dog. She loves to play outside and get in trouble. Bella can dance and roll over. Her birthday is on December 31, 2011. Every night she sleeps with her monkey toy. This is Nigel. He is my brothers dog. He loves to stay inside and cuddle. Nigel can shake and high five. He is very calm and a sweet boy. Every night he sleeps in his ned with my mom.

You can click on their picture to see what kind of dog they are.