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Starbound is a 2 dimensional, space survival game. You can buy it on Steam or on the website. If you've ever played Terraria, you'd enjoy Starbound. If not, try it out! A great game for the space explorer in you! The creators, Chucklefish, have designed multiple races for you to play as. You can play as a Human, Apex, Avians, Florex,Glitch, Hylotl, or Novakid. Each has their own special ability for you to explore. Discover the universe in Starbound! If you want more information, click the photo and it will bring you to the wiki (also linked below...)

Keep in mind, the game is still in beta. You can buy the current version on Steam, but it may have bugs and errors.



Many photos were found on the Starbound Wiki, or http://starbound.gamepedia.com/Starbound_Wiki. Some photos are artwork designed by Chucklefish, and therefore their property.