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Welcome to the McDauber Desert Resort and Spa. We have everything to keep our cutomers satisfied. We are located in the North-Western part of the Sahara Desert in Africa. Come and you wont be dissapointed. Our full-feature resort and spa includes beautiful views, luxury rooms, 20 swimming pools, delicious food, a relaxing spa, and much, much more. Come down to our resort, and we will make all of your dreams come ture.

"A true beauty. You must visit the McDauber Desert Resort and Spa. It's like Heaven on Earth." -Fat Joe

"Relaxing, beautiful, and breathtaking, all in one. An absolute must." - Job Goodman

"I felt like I would never find a place better than this. I had my doubts, but once you get there, you'll never want to leave." -Professor Oak

Contact Info:

Email: help@mcdauber.com
Phone: 1-800-555-mc-daubs
By Camel: Give to the Camel (Him name is Steve)



We are quite easy to find. Just take a left at the big rock, and then you will see a river after about 50 miles. Take a right there, following it downstream. Go across the first footbridge you see, then turn right. Go 65 more miles, and there will be an anthill. From there, go right about 5 paces or so, then do three full spins. Then keep going forward. You will see a huge rock. Turn left at that, and keep going for 20 miles. You should see a little pebble on the ground. Turn right at that. You're almost there. Go another 20 miles, and you will arive at the McDauber Desert Resort and Spa.

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