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Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama mystery-thriller television series. It is loosely based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard. The show premiered on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family. The story is about fivel girls that live in a small town in Pennsylvania called Rosewood. Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hannah Marin are the "it" girls of Rosewood with Allison DiLaurentis as their leader. A tragic incident his the safe and suburban town of Rosewood. Alison, manipulative and vindictive "Queen Bee" of Rosewood Day mysteriously disapears the summer of 7th grade. Without their leader the girls fall apart. Aria moves to iceland with her family, Spencer forgets about all that happened because of her complicated family, Hannah transforms her "loser" self into the new "it" girl of Rosewood. Her and her friend Mona Vanderwall rule the school, and Emily the "jock girl" of the group grows apart from her friends and focuses on swimming.
One year later they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets. At first they think it's Alison herself, but after she is found dead, the girls realize that someone else knows their secrets, including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew. Alison was also stalked by A, and the girls continue to find more and more information about A and Alison's disappearance - all while risking their lives. After two years of "A's" wrath 5 people have died. Near the end of season 3 they find out that there is a team of people torturing them. The "A Team" is led by Alison Dilaurentis. Suspicious people in the show are Officer Garrett Reynolds (killed by Jason Dilaurentis), Toby Cavanough (double agent), Alison DiLaurentis (caught in the act), and Mona Vanderwall (originally A).
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