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Welcome to my website. This website is all about basketball. Basketball is a great sport. It is starting to become extremely popular in the United States. It is also becoming popular in the rest of the world. This website tells you all about the current teams and pros. This also tells you about how basketball came to be and the history of the sport. It has a page on the great legends of the game. It will outline the acquirement you will need to start practicing to become a pro yourself. Another place basketball is emerging is in schools. It is now extremely popular with college and highschools.This is why basketball is a great sport.





The rules are simple, you need two teams to play it doesn't matter how many players.(In the NBA and Professional it is 5 players). You need a basketball, court, hoop and backboard. The scoring works by the three point line. If you are shooting outside the three point line it gives you three points. If your inside the three point line then it is 2 points. Then if you get fouled then you shoot a freethrow each freethrow counts as 1 point. Whoever has the most points in the end wins.