Mission Statment:

Our mission Statment is that every pet deserves a home and a nice family. We try and conduct our buissnes honestly and politly.

We try and follow three values when conducting buissness : hospitality, integrety, and communtiy. These are very important to use because we feel that it make our buisness a family more than a work place.

It is a true facts that animals with a home live longer and are more healthy than dogs that live in shealters.




These are some of our Animals


This is Charlie This is Rose This is Snowball

Check out live video of adoptable cats in two of our kitty condos:
Have fun viewing our cats! Please note that you may see PHS/SPCA employees in our rooms during the early am hours (and all hours), as we have staff onsite 24/7, and they may deactivate our cameras temporarily while cleaning.