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On this website, you will learn proper skin care, and also how to do professional-looking makeup. This website is for you people that don't even know the difference between toner and moistrizer as well as the difference between gel eyeliner and mascara. So I guess you could call this website Makeup for Dummies. Some good places to shop for makeup are your local CVS, Sephora, Amazon.com, and Ulta. Enjoy! Find a Sephora near you!

This is a YouTube tutorial for a romantic, suttle smokey eye. The eyeshadow used for this is in the "NAKED 2" palette by Urban Decay. Enjoy!


This is a foundation routine that gives a flawless skin look. It has a nice airbrush-looking finish. These are not the exact products I use, but it gives you a general idea of what to apply. Enjoy!


This is a dark smokey eye tutorial. You don't have do use the EXACT SAME eyeshadow. You can match colors as best you can.This is more of a night-time look. It's a little too dark for the daytime, but it's your choice. Enjoy!