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CSI Miami is a crime show that takes place in Miami, Florida. David Caruso and Emily Proctor star as Lieutenant Horatio Caine and CSI Calleigh Duquesne. Horatio and his team fight crime, and catch killers. Every person on the MDPD team fights for themselves and Horatio take great care of all of them.

The video above is a clip from when Calleigh was held hostage. She and her team always beat the killer, and continue to move in their sneaky ways.

CSI Miami

CSI Las Vegas was the orginal series of Crime Scene Investigation out of the three series. The show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. William Peterson starred as Gil Grissom in the first eight seasons, then Laurence Fishburn starred as Dr. Ray Langston for three seasons, and currently Ted Danson stars as D. B. Russell. All the CSI's take care of one another and fight killers throughtout Las Vegas.

The video above is part of one of the episodes during season 10 when FBI Agents broke into the Las Vegas Crime Lab and stole a body form the morgue.

CSI New York is the third spinoff series of CSI Las Vegas. The show stars Gary Sinise as Detective Mac Taylor. Together the team takes down crime throughout the streets of New York City. They use their forensic skills and their sneaky minds to beat criminals.

The video above is part of an episode of CSY New York. Detective Donald Flack has to use his quick thinking brain to save the little girl.