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The Dolan Resort is one of the most amazing places on earth. Our island is built in a special space where four small biomes are there. We have snow biome

where some of our animals live. We have a jungle biome where we have a wide variety of monkeys live. We have our plains where most of our wild herds of

ligers live and we have a tempurate forest region where we have huge trees. Also our reefs have a huge variety of fish that our extremely rare. Our website is

orginized in five sections Our homes section, our restort section, our animal section, our safari section, and our picture section.

tropical islamd

This is our Island. Right now you are looking at the

tropical side. On the part of the island that is cut out

to our left is where our tempurate forest is. On the

backside of our island is our plain, and the island on

the right is our snow Biome. click to the right and you

will go to tempurate forest website, click on the forest

and you will go to a tropical rainforest website, click

at the mountain and above it and you will go to a

plains website, and click on the island you see on the

left and you will go the alpine website.

The Dolan Resort is one of a kind and you will absolutely love it here.