Welcome to the Schrute Resort. We have all of kinds of luxurious things for our wonderful customers.We are located on the south side of Florida. We have three recreation rooms, each with pool tables, ping pong tables, and an arcade. We also have 10 swimming pools if you do not want to go into the ocean. Rooms are affordable and comfortable. There are 10 floors with 8 elevators to go up. Forget about waiting for an elevator.

Amazing, beautiful views-Forbes

Great for a family vacation-New York Times

Too good to be true-USA

Directions: When in Miami, head south, use rock smash to enter Mt. Moon. drive fifty miles and turn right on route 112. Then you will see our splendid resort.

Contact Info:
Email: schrute@dontemailus.com
Phone: 1-111-111-1111
(Can send carrier pigeons if preferred)

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