All Foods


This cake is delicios. It has the best sweet taste that people jut fall in love with. Make sure that you don't eat a lot though.


This mix of fruits veggies and protein is very important in your day. Make sure you at least have one of each catagory every day so you can be healthy.


Not everything you eat have tp be helalthy, this sweet breakfast is a great start to the morning.


You don't always have to wait once a year to have this meat. It is very good for you it has a lot of protien to keep you from waking uo hungry.

All Drinks



Coffee is hot and sweet. If you add enough cream and sugar, it can be the best thing ever.


This protein filled drink is a great start to the morning. it is very refreshing, and filled with the nutrience to start the day.


All sweet things are great, even if you drink them. These milkshakes aren't nessisarily healthy, but they are delicous.