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Welcome to the website of Kanye West apparel. This page wil explain to you how Kanye is so successful, and good looking.Kanye West's cothing line is inspired by all of his album covers, and imaginative concert sets. Kanye west has also created a clothing line himself, that has been featured in daily mail news, and other magazines. The music made by Kanye is inspired by his different life experences, and hardships in his life.

Even though Kanye west may seem to be self-sentered and rud, he still has a soft side. A brighter song that he has made recently is "Only One" that was inspired by his recently born daughter. Kanye recently sang this song at the Grammys 2015, but also dedicated it to his mother who had recently died. Other than his carrer life, he was also married to Kim Kardasian and has become a big part of the Kardasians fame.

Kanye West has also aired on the TV sereies "Keeping up with the Kardasians", and "Ellen Degeneres" to preform, and act.


A suit designed by Kanye

Kanye West is a modern day finmoinom, he has been featured in multiple different news stations, events, and interviews. He is considered one of the best musicians of the 21century and has many top hits of 2015. Kanye has sold more than 21million albums, and 100million digtial downloads. Kanye has won 21 Grammys, and strives to be one of the most remembered musicans of all time.

He has been a topic of controversy in the wmusic industry and world, he also has colabrted with Nike, Louis Vuitton, Adidas. Kanye west is assoicated with many big stars such as 2 Chainz, Talor Swift, Big Sean, and Jay-Z. He has his own record lable called GOOD music. West first started writting poetry and songs at age 5, and his first mentor was No.I.D. at age 15 fight he had writen his first rap called "Green Eggs and Ham".