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Hello My name is Rachael and welcome to my guitar website. On this site i'll teach you

how to play easy guitar songs for every level of playing. If your having trouble figuring

out the song on your own, feel free to look at my free tutorial videos. If you've never

played guitar before, no problem! Check out my beginner chords or beginner picking

pages, but if you want more of a challenge, go to your intermediate, and advanced


picking page.



Here are some simple chords you can learn if you have never played before. The ones that are most used on the chart are A, C, D, E , G, Em, Am, Dm , and F. If you want more of a challenge try switching from one to another as fastr as you can.

This is an acoustic guitar. If you are a beginner I recomend getting one of these with nylon strings. It is most commonly used, and sounds great with chords, and backround parts of music.


Electirc guitars are less common than acoustic. They can play louder, and have a configurable sound. They sound best when playing lead parts of songs, or picking. They are used the most in rock music.