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Hi! Welcome to my website all on tree frogs! If you dont like tree frogs then why did you click on this? If you love tree frogs, keep reading. This is a picture of a really colorful, beautiful red eyed tree frog. One reason why I love frogs is that there are so many different colors. They just pop out. Another reason why I like tree frogs is that they have bright colors. One interesting fact about not only frogs, but other cold blooded animals, the colors warn the predator. So that they wouldnt want to eat it.
Here is some information about frogs in general. Frogs usually live in swamp areas where there is a lot of water. They also live in the rain forests. Frogs are cold blooded so they lay eggs. Frogs lay them im water to grow up. When they hatch, they turn into little tadpoles. The process of the tadpoles growing stages, they grow legs. Then arms, and finaly into a frog. They also dont have to live in the water anymore.

Fun Facts About Frogs:

  • One gram of the toxin produced by the skin of the golden poison dart frog could kill 100,000 people.
  • A frog completely sheds its skin about once a week. After it pulls off the old, dead skin, the frog usually eats it.
  • When Darwin's frog tadpoles hatch, a male frog swallows the tadpoles. He keeps the tiny amphibians in his vocal sac for about 60 days to allow them to grow. He then proceeds to cough up tiny, fully formed frogs


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