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The Yogscast's name comes from the acronym YOGS, which stands for Ye Olde Goone Squade, the largest European World of Warcraft Goon guild, in which the founding members met. As a WoW guild they were led by guild-master Mearis.

In 2008, Lewis began recording guild activities and posting videos to YouTube on his personal channel 'BlueXephos' under the title of The Yogscast', with "YOGS" being the name of the guild and "cast" referring to broad'cast.

The current members of the Yogscast are: Lewis Brindley (Xephos), Simon Lane (Honeydew), Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia), Duncan Jones (Lalna), Chris Lovasz (Sips), Paul Sykes (Sjin), Joakim Hellstrand (Rythian), Anya Ferris (MintyMinute), Jon Evans (Teep), Jonathan Whitten (Ravs), Nicholas Buccino (Daltos), Liam MacKay (Nilesy), Martyn Littlewood (InTheLittleWood), John Cochrane (HybridPanda), Kim Richards (Nanosounds), Zoey Proasheck (Zoeya), Sam Thorne (Strippin), Rick van Laanen (Zylus), and DaveChaos. Hat Films joined the Yogscast on 23rd August 2013, but they are keeping their thumbnail and channel art.There are also may members of the Yogscast who just work behind the scenes at Yogtowers. Click here to learn about them.

I made this website to tell you about some of my favorite Yogscasters. I am currently a Yognaught, Sapling, and Yognaut, as well as many other things that Yogscasters call their fans and subscribers. My youtube channel is YOGSCAST Fan, so please get the real Yogscast to notice me! Thanks for visiting my site!

























The current artist for the Yogscast is Ørjan (Teutron). The designer for the Yogscast is Harry Marshall (VeteranHarry). An editor for the Yogscast is Tom Bates (TPBates). A Website Administrator for the Yogscast is Si Melton (Skelitor77). Another editor for the Yogscast is Adam Davis. The Audio Engineer for the Yogscast, who admins Radio Sparkles*, is Sam Gibbs (Boatman). The Community Manager working at the Yogscast is Tom Perkins (IBringTheFunk). Former editor, Tom Clark (Angor), used to be an editor for the Yogscast, but now he is working on Minecraft related things such as the storylinr for Shadow of Israphel. The editor in chief of the Yogscast is Colin B. An animator for the Yogscast is Ciaran Askew (Ceeraanoo). The artist for the YoGPoD is Fredrik Malmhake (FredMalm). The current artist for the Yogscast avatars is Ferazhin. Another artsit for the Yogscast is Nina-Serena (Uni). A lesser known animator for the Yogscast is Daryl Pendry (Reckreations). Also, a forum, reddit, and stream moderator for the Yogscast is Zach (YogsZach). A few members from a musical group, Area 11 , are also part of the Yogscast, and publish their music under the record label "Yogscast Studios" usially on iTunes and Amazon. The two members from Area 11 that are part of the Yogscast are Tom Clarke (Sparkles*) and Alex Parvis (Parv).Some of the original Yogscast staff have been fired. Peva was the host of the Minecraft Servers and Website Creator and was fired due to a falling out between members of the Yogscast. Tinman was the website manager and was fired because he was accused of stealing between $18,000 to $21,000 from the Yogscast Website. Heso was permanently banned because he stood up for Peva along with a few other Web moderators and Admins.