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Most of these cars will be discontinued because of lack of oil, so have fun while you can (That will be in about 40 years)!!!

So far, a Audi R8 has a 5MPG on track an is winning. One of my favorite cars is the Bugatti S.S. With a top speed of 278 MPH, it is the fastest road legal car in the world.

Another of my favorite cars is the SSC Tuatara. Its top speed is just a mere 2 MPH lower than the Bugatti. With its fuel consumption better than the Bugatti, it is a better

car to buy. Just remember, if you have a Bugatti S.S. flat out, the 100 liter tank is empty in 12 minutes, so be careful!!! Another cool car is a Lotus. These light wait,

supercars have great acceleration and good speed. Some of the Lotus collection have great turning in tight corners. Also the Mercedes cars are great with speed and

giving you the shock of your life. Make sure to have extra tires because these things rip through tires like lightning. Have fun and don't forget to look at the images page.


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