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Welcome to my website!!!

Hello and welcome to my site all about my favorite video game, Final Fantasy X! This was my first Final Fantasy game, and immediatly as I started playing it I realized how truly moving this game was. The story touched me, and I was instantly drawn in by the astoundingly awesome chracters and impacting storyline. It has an amazing battle system, tough celestial weapons, but most importantly a great plot. I made this website to introduce people to the world of Final Fantasy X, to help beginners out with some basic knowledge, and to most importantly get people excited about and into the game. It opened my eyes to Final Fantasy and all its games, and I never regret getting the game. It, for me, was worth every penny. I hope you enjoy the game too. Thank you for coming, and enjoy everything my site has to offer!!!

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This game has so much to offer, with voice acting, stunning visual graphics and plot that had not only depth but lovable characters. The music is beautiful and the fighting, with a turn based system, keeps you on your toes. The in-game worlds such as Besaid, Luca, and Kilica have stunning detail and are overall amazing.


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Cool Facts

- In a poll made by Famitsu, Final Fantasy X was rater #1 for making Japanese gamers cry.

-This game was the first to use voice acting for Final Fantasy

-A remaster of the game is going to come out on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita

-Since May 2011. the game has sold about 8 million copies

-There is a sequal to the game, Final Fantasy X-2!


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