Welcome to the almost Official Site of the Philadelphia Phillies!

The Phillies are a legendary team, that any baseball fan would recognize. Known as the best baseball team, the Phil's have a great record, great, team, and dedicated fans. The one trait I love the most about the Phillies is their love for the fans.

Many games, the Phillies players would be the only ones sighning autographs. At a Giants game last year, none of the players came out, even when they were the home team. My family stood disapointed, all with our heads down. However, when I heard a familiar, squeaky voice, I looked up. It was Cole Hammels; signing autographs with a hge "Jim Carey" smile planted on his face. I left that day with four autographs. Threrfore, even though they were a visiting team, their warmth and care for their fans shined through in the crowd of about 40, 000 people.

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