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This is the home page. This is where you will learn about the different pages of this website. On this website you will learn about my picks for christmas. This includes:

  • favorite tree decorations
  • Best presents
  • Best stocking stuffers


This website is designed to take the stress out of Christmas. It will tell you how to make this the best Christmas ever! It will tell you what the best tree decorations, presents, and Stocking stuffers.  


  Our page on Tree decorations will tell you what kinds of decorations will make this holliday your favorite! From bulbs to candy canes, we have you covered. If you want to go there now, click here.


The page on presents will tell you wich presents are in. We know what your kids like, and the best things you can get them. If you don't want to spend that much, we have affordable toys. If you want to go there now, click here.  



Our final page will show you how the things that are the smallest can make a big difference. This page shows you the things to stuff your stockings with. From some old favorites like Wacky Pakages, to new delights like Chocomize chocolate bars, you will find plenty of options. If you want to go there now, click here.